Instructions for getting rewards after voting for Light Coinex

Update: February 9, 2020
We have received the email list of people who voted for us from Coinkeeper

+The rewards will be distributed within 7 days if your email is founded on the email voting list from Coinkeeper.
+If you won’t receive the rewards within 7 days, it means your vote is not accepted on Coinkeeper. Thank you for always supporting us


Dear Light Coinex members,

After one month of voting for the blockchain projects, LightCoinex has won the competition and being in the “Top 10 World’s Best Blockchain Projects in 2020″.

Congratulations to Light Coinex and all the members who trusted on us and voted for Light Coinex. As our committed, we will officially send rewards to the members who have supported us throughout the past voting contest.

Notice: We will only send rewards for the real members voted for LightCoinex and being listed on the voting list from Coinkeeper

1 Vote = 0.001 ETH + $10 (1000 LCG)
And +30 ETH for 30 Lucky voting members

  1. 30 ETH for 30 lucky members will be public at the website and you will be announced through your email if you are one of 30 lucky members.
  2. 1000 LCG from LightCoinex will be sent to your Light Coinex account. We will collate your email with your account on If you have not yet registered an account at, please register now according to the instructions here
  3. 0.001 ETH will be sent directly to your ETH wallet which was filled in the google form after completing the voting

When will the rewards be distributed?
According to the announcement, we will send rewards to you on February 27, 2020
However, some members will probably get rewards later than others. Because we need to wait to receive the email list of voters from Coinkeeper and the number of voters is too large, we cannot distribute all the rewards in one day. We apologize for this inconvenience. However, be assured that all rewards will be sent to you in the following days.

If you have any questions, please join our chat group for advice and answers. Join group chat here

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