Instructions for purchasing LCG through the STO program

When you are logged into your account on – you will see the STO section just above the user interface.

STO section will be displayed when the STO program starts on July 20, 2020

If you haven’t added fund to your account yet, please read the instructions for adding fund to Lightcoinex account here:

If you have already added fund to your account, you can follow these steps to buy LCG from STO program

Step 1: Choose the currency to buy LCG

In the “From currency” tab, you can click on the down arrow to select the currency you want to use to buy LCG

The types of currencies to choose, corresponding to the balance on your account, include:

– Bitcoin: BTC

– Ethereum: ETH

– USD Coin: USDC

– Light Coin Exchange token: LCT token

Step 2: Choose the amount of currency to buy LCG

After selecting the currency type in the “From currency” tab, you can type the amount you want to use to buy LCG at the “From amount” tab.

After typing the amount you want to use to buy LCG, the amount of LCG you will receive will be displayed on the “Amount will receive” tab.

Step 3: Click the “Buy” button to buy LCG

After selecting the type of currency, the currency amount and the corresponding LCG amount you will receive is displayed, press the Buy button to buy LCG.

Once purchased, the amount of LCG you have bought will be added to your LCG wallet on your account. An email will be sent to you informing you that the LCG purchase has been completed.

Besides, you can go to Menu/Token Sale/Buying history to view your LCG purchase history

STO Progress

You can track the progress of STO Sale in the progress bar below. The duration time for each round of STO is 7 days, but it can be ended sooner if the amount of LCG is sold out. Then you have to wait for the next round to continue buying LCG.

Referral Bonus Program

We also offer a reward plan for active members through the referral program.

When your referral member (Level 1) buys LCG, you will receive a 5% commission directly from the money they spend to buy LCG.

For example, when your referral member uses 100 ETH to buy LCG, you will receive 5 ETH commission directly from the referral bonus program.

You can view the commission history at Menu/Token Sale/Commission history

LCG is a stock token of Light Coin Group. LCG is valued as a Preference share of Light Coin Group after STO (Security Token Offering).

The income of Light Coin Group will be distributed quarterly to LCG holders in proportion. Specific method: 80% income of the Light Coin Group * LCG amount held by user / current circulating volume of LCG.

Learn more about STO here:

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