LCG airdrop has ended

Dear Light Coin Exchange users,
Light Coin Exchange and Light Coin Token LCG) have completed the distribution of LCG to all early LCG supporters whose accounts were KYC verified in

To check the receipt of the airdrop, please follow guideline steps as below:

  • Step 1: Sign in with the email used in Airdrop program
  • Step 2: Go to the dashboard and check LCG token balance

If you have not received the tokens, please contact us via

LCG token sale (STO) will start in July 2020 – Read more about STO here:

LCG is a stock token of Light Coin Group. LCG is valued as a share of Light Coin Group after STO (Security Token Offering).

The revenue of Light Coin Group will be distributed to LCG holders in proportion. Specific method: 80% revenue of the exchange platform * LCG amount held by user / current circulating volume of LCG.

Investors holding LCG token of the company will receive quarterly dividends according to the company’s regulations.

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