LCT Token – Smartcontract Update

Currently, the Light Coin Exchange token (LCT) has been officially traded globally. In order to improve the technology and the application of decentralized technology on Light Coin Exchange Token (LCT), we have proceeded to upgrade the LCT token data in the last week.

Accordingly, the Light Coin Exchange token (LCT) will be changed from the old smart-contract to the new smart contract address.

  • Old smart contract address: 0x34770f06Ae8a9A7b44fd8D636Af6a3fEC2A58b98
  • New smart contract address: 0xfc178d0f36ddd2b44f925eb13bf51f5cb9b42192

Below are a few notes for members when depositing and withdrawing LCT tokens

1. For withdrawing money from Lightcoinex to or other exchanges.
You just go to the “wallet” section, choose the currency (LCT) and click on the “deposit” button and top up the displayed wallet address (note: the new LCT wallet address may be different from the previous wallet address)

2. LCT at Personal wallet
LCT with the old smart contract address will not be valid for circulation on the system of Light Coin. As we announced and asked all customers to transfer their LCT tokens to the wallet before. Therefore, the old LCT on personal wallets (Trust wallet, IM token wallet, MEW wallet … will not be able to top up to the exchange and trade)

So, to avoid confusion, please disable (remove) the old LCT token on your wallet. Then add Light Coin Exchange Token (LCT) with the new smart contract address (0xfc178d0f36ddd2b44f925eb13bf51f5cb9b42192)

LCT token with the new smart contract address can be sent and received normally

Below is an example with Trust Wallet.

A. For new customers: When you download the Trust Wallet apps, click on the search button and type “Light Coin Exchange Token” and you’ll see 2 results for Light Coin Exchange Token. Choose the one with a blue logo (new smart contract) to deposit and withdraw LCT

B. For old customers using Trust Wallet Apps: it is possible that the old LCT coin still has a Logo (due to wallet cache). In this case, you just need to follow the steps:

  • Method 1: Delete apps Trust wallet and reinstall to reset apps cache
  • Method 2:
    +Step 1: disable old LCT address to avoid confusion
    +Step 2: choose to receive money (Receive) with the ERC-20 wallet address of Trust wallet, (because all tokens on Trust Wallet has the same wallet address to receive) – new transactions when withdrawing money from and will send the LCT with the new smart-contract to your wallet address.

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