LCT Token will be traded globally in September 2020

Dear Lightcoinex’s Global community,

In the February of 2020, Lightcoinex started to launch our own currency (LCT) for the purpose of using it for commercial transactions of the company, simultaneously creating a common currency to exchange and transact with a great deal of other e-money based on an Ethereum’s blockchain technology platform and helping partners facilitate transactions and reduce costs.

According to the earlier Roadmap, the LCT will be globally traded on the exchange by the end of August 2020. However, due to the increase in user demand and the growth of LCT coin value, we decided to delay LCT’s listing time to September 2020. This is a more thorough preparation to meet the needs of investors and to ensure the most favorable transactions.

We hope that LCT, the most potential coin now, will be a perfect investment choice for Light Coin’s investors and the global community. Light Coin Group and Light Coinex project always do our best to build the best foundation for the development of the Light Coin community in general and the LCT coin in particular.

Best regards,
Light Coin Development Team.

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