strategy and roadmap of promoting LCT Token

Core Value

LCT is the token of Light Coin Exchange platform. LCT is based on the ERC20 standard of Ethereum blockchain, which bears community rights and interests, circulation attribute and a value attribute.

LCT is used to pay quarterly dividends to the shareholders of Light Coin Group. In addition, LCT can be used to pay trading fees on Light Coin Exchange, reducing transaction fees by 50%-80%

LCT is also used to pay part of profits for customers using Light Coin Bank services. (Learn more about Light Coin Bank here)

Coin Burning

Coin burning is the process of permanently removing coins from circulation, reducing the total supply. The burning also boosts the value of the coin.

Light Coin Exchange will perform periodic Coin Burn events through the use of a smart contract function known as burn function. The LCT burning events are scheduled to take place every quarter until 80,000,000 LCT are finally destroyed, which represents 40% of the total LCT ever issued (200,000,000 LCT). However,

The amount of LCT token to be burned is based on the number of LCG distributed and the number of dividends paid to LCG holding members. So after each quarter, Light Coin Exchange will burn LCT according to the overall exchange volume.

• Total supply: 200 Million LCT
• Quarterly burn: 20 Million LCT
• Total burn: 80 Million LCT

As soon as a quarterly Coin Burn takes place, Light Coin Exchange will make an official announcement that specifies the amount of LCT tokens that were burned. You can verify all LCT ERC-20 Coin Burn transactions on an Ethereum blockchain explorer, such as Etherscan. The burning transactions are public, irreversible and permanently recorded on the blockchain.

LCT Bonus Coin

The LCT Bonus Coin is the number of coins reserved exclusively for rewarding customers participating in the Light Coin Bank service.

• Total LCT Bonus: 30,000,000
• Starting price: 1 LCT = 0.05 USD

However, the LCT Bonus amount is limited and the bonus program for customers can be ended at any time when the LCT Bonus number is exhausted. LCT Bonus can be put into circulation after 3 months from the date of receipt.

Learn more about LCT Bonus Policy and Light Coin Bank service here

How to trade LCT?

LCT tokens are traded directly on our official website: – you can easily register a free account, join the Light Coin Bank service to receive LCT token and you can trade LCT to USDC, ETH, BTC at any time.

LCT Token can also be withdrawn directly to wallets that support ERC-20 tokens such as TrustWallet (Binance), IMTokens, MyEtherWallet or our partner’s wallet (Dcipher wallet)

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