Update to LCT Token withdrawal

Dear Lightcoinex’s Global community

In the February of 2020, Lightcoinex started to launch our own currency (LCT) for the purpose of using it for commercial transactions of the company, simultaneously creating a common currency to exchange and transact with a great deal of other e-money based on an Ethereum’s blockchain technology platform and helping partners facilitate transactions and reduce costs.

Currently, the number of transactions on the Ethereum network is overloaded. The transaction fee (GAS) is rising abnormally. Therefore a large number of transactions are currently unable to be processed. Some transaction to withdraw LCT is currently in pending status.

To solve the above problem, we decided to increase the minimum withdrawal amount for LCT Token from 20 USD to 50 USD and the withdrawal fee will return to the original. This is to ensure the network is smooth, transactions are done easily and quickly, and to ensure that there are no transactions would be congested on the system.

Best regards
Light Coinex development team!

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